Propane Gas is one of America’s Best Energy Values!

Florida Public Utilities is ready to help reveal propane’s potential by providing information about gas and the latest gas technologies. Propane can provide a cost-effective solution for your business space heating, water heating and other needs. Call Florida Public Utilities first for your propane-related needs. You can also find additional information about business propane by clicking on the items below.

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Our trained sales and service professionals will work with you through the entire conversion process. As a result, your introduction to propane will be smooth and successful.

Allow us to review your current propane relationship. Then we’ll show you why Florida Public Utilities is your best value for propane and service. Now is the time to switch to Florida Public Utilities to get business propane prices!

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, our Florida Public Utilities commercial sales team can develop a business solution by viewing your energy needs and application. The representatives are your energy consultants, and will work with you to find how to best provide your business with propane gas service. They will also provide information about the latest gas technologies. Our representatives will guide you through the process, answer your questions and handle all the details. Let us show you why Florida Public Utilities is your best source for propane and service.

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Gas for Primary or Space Heating

Gas heating equipment is energy efficient, making the best use of every energy dollar you spend. High efficiency furnaces and boilers are designed to cut your energy costs by increasing the amount of heat obtained from every Btu of fuel consumed.

Whether it’s a new furnace or boiler for your primary heating application or a gas space heater to supplement your central heat source, you will have selected one of the most efficient and versatile energy sources for your business.

Cooking and Restaurant Applications

Ask professional chefs across the nation and they’ll tell you that gas is the best energy source for all of their cooking, baking and kitchen requirements. Many chefs prefer gas cooking for its instant heat on the range and in the oven, and its wide range of temperature controls and precise temperature settings.

Gas ranges and infrared ovens provide the right tools to make your restaurant or professional kitchen smell of success. On top of all that, did we mention that you could actually cut your kitchen’s operating costs by 30%?

Gas Clothes Drying

Gas dryers produce a moist heat that helps keep the colors in your washables. Clothes dried with a gas dryer are dried more thoroughly, more quickly and much more economically. Whether it’s for your laundromat, hotel or hospital, gas dryers are the ticket for your high demand drying needs.

If you currently use propane from another company, now is the time to switch to Florida Public Utilities! For additional information or to contact your commercial sales representative, contact your local office.

Propane – Powered Forklifts

Propane is a leader in the materials handling market because it offers a number of key advantages over other fuels.

Lower Emissions – propane-powered forklifts can be used safely indoors or outdoors, because they operate so cleanly. Take upstream emissions into account – from the generation of electricity – and propane forklifts beat electric models as well.

Great Productivity – propane forklifts don’t lose power like electric models, and only require a quick and easy cylinder change to get back to work. Electric models take hours to recharge.

Proven Performance – propane is an ideal fuel for material handling; it’s the first choice of fuel for warehouses of all kinds across the country.

Propane Resale Station

Adding a propane resale station to your retail location will help bring customers to your door. Our sales representative will help you every step of the way.

  • Conducting a site survey to see where the tank can be placed
  • Acquiring permits from the state fire marshal
  • Providing safety training to you and your employees

Once everything is completed, your location will be able to refill #20 tanks.

Autogas Propane Vehicles

Propane autogas has the power to transform your fleet. Businesses and government organizations of all sizes have discovered that propane autogas vehicles deliver the lowest total cost-of-ownership of any fuel. If you’re looking to make an impact to your bottom line, explore the possibilities of propane autogas.

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