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Take advantage of the value and versatility propane appliances have to offer. Gas appliances provide you with a broad range of lifestyle choices, ways to save and they add value to your home.

As a general rule, gas appliances cost less than an electric appliance to operate – typically, about half the cost. With gas, you can heat your water, dry your clothes, enjoy a warm home, and experience the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace – all for less cost when compared to electric appliances. Propane is the right choice for your home!

Please note: It’s recommended that all gas equipment be installed by a qualified licensed professional. It is extremely important that you adhere to the building code in your area and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and operation.


It’s your kitchen, and it’s likely the room where you spend the majority of your time with your family. Make life easier with the precision performance of gas cooking.

State-of-the-art gas appliances offer the efficiency and performance demanded by today’s families. You’ll find many styles and models of ranges, cooktops and ovens to choose from.

Propane gas cooking appliances also cost less to operate – about half the cost of operating an electric range. They have pilotless ignition systems that use an electric current to light the burners, instead of the standing pilot light of yesteryear’s stoves. That saves money and energy. And, during power outages, gas ranges can be a lifesaver because they can still be lit manually.

Tankless Water Heaters

Propane tankless water heaters provide comfort, versatility, convenience and efficiency by supplying high volumes of hot water with compact and highly innovative technology.

  • Delivers endless supply of water.
  • Only heats water when it’s needed.
  • Compact size saves roughly 12 square feet of floor space.
  • Saves more than $150/year in energy costs when compared with typical electric storage water heaters.
  • Produces roughly half the CO2 emissions of electric storage tank systems.
  • Qualifies for credits and rebates worth hundreds of dollars (new construction and replacement).


Propane standby generators are a powerful, reliable way to protect homes and families, as well as buildings and businesses, from the damage a power outage can cause. Plus, portable propane generators are powerful enough to meet jobsite demands. And, because propane does not degrade over time like gasoline, the fuel supply is more stable and reliable.

A standby generator powered by propane offers advantages that other fuel sources simply can’t match:

  • Permanently installed and supplied by an above- or below-ground tank, it starts automatically, the moment the power goes down.
  • Supplies supplemental electricity in as little as 10 seconds after an outage.
  • Propane doesn’t degrade over time, unlike diesel or gasoline, making it an ideal standby power fuel.
  • Most units produce as little as 60 decibels of noise, comparable to normal conversation.
  • Available in a variety of capacities to fit the needs of any size home.
  • Produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel or gasoline.
  • Propane is nontoxic, nonpoisonous and won’t contaminate soil or water.
  • Can handle an entire home’s energy needs for days, unlike solar- or wind-powered systems.
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