Money-Saving Programs

Florida Public Utilities has developed several programs that can help meet your propane needs. We have designed the programs to help you receive the benefit of the lowest priced gas for your particular situation. We invite you to check out our money-saving programs below. You can call our local office for details and an analysis of which plan best suits your needs.

Active Programs

Want to earn up to $50 of free propane? Just fill out the form below or call your local Florida Public Utilities office and provide us with a name and phone number of a friend or family member whom you believe may want to become a Florida Public Utilities customer.

Florida Public Utilities offers a Customer Referral Reward for any new heating customer you refer that signs up with Florida Public Utilities. You will receive $50 toward your propane purchases for every referral. Refer your friends and family today by completing the form below.

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To help you with your winter energy bills, Florida Public Utilities offers the Easy Pay Budget Plan. Easy Pay averages your 12 months of energy costs over 11 months with a 12th payment that will realign your account for the next heating season. We will review your account periodically during the winter to ensure you that your Easy Pay amount is adequate.

This plan beings in June and settles up in May.

Online Easy Pay Application

To become an Easy Pay Budget Plan customer, complete this form, submit it, and your local district customer service representative will contact you. Easy Pay payments are due by the 15th of each month. All monthly payments must be made to remain on the Easy Pay Program.

Yes! Enroll me in FPU’s 12-month Easy Pay Budget Plan!

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Sharp Energy offers a number of ways to pay your bill. Please select from the following options*

Fuel Line Maintenance

Did you know several of your home’s propane fuel lines are your responsibility? Our Fuel Line Maintenance Program can help protect you from costly and time-consuming repairs if your fuel lines fail.

• Save hundreds of dollars in potential repair bills
• Avoid time and hassle with fast response and one-call coordination
• Different warranty plans to fit your needs!
– $1.75 per month covers buried fuel lines
– $4 per month covers non-buried fuel lines
– $5.75 per month covers both

Please Note: Fuel line maintenance is available to residential propane customers only, and coverage restrictions and specifications may apply. Please call your local propane office for complete details, or let us contact you by submitting the enrollment form below.

Maintaining Gas Lines

Safety Notice! FPU is required under federal and state regulations to maintain natural gas and propane service lines up to and including the gas meter. Beyond the meter, the maintenance of any piping (gas fuel lines) is the responsibility of the customer or property owner. Sometimes, a customer’s piping may be underground. If customers do not maintain their underground gas lines, the piping may corrode and leak, causing a potential safety hazard. This gas piping should be periodically inspected for leaks, and if metal, the pipes should also be inspected for corrosion. Learn more about staying protected with Fuel Line Maintenance available through Florida Public Utilities.

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With FPU’s metered propane service, you pay as you go—and continuously and effortlessly receive all the propane gas you need, when you need it!

• Tired of paying huge propane bills? Pay only for the propane you use.
• Eliminate surprises and a large propane bill every time your propane tank is filled.
• Budget your monthly propane gas expense with ease.
• Use propane to heat your pool? With metered propane, you see how many gallons you use when you use it— no surprises.
• We monitor your propane usage and fill your tank as needed to make sure you’re able to enjoy your service without any interruptions.
• Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with superior ease, convenience and safety.

Ready to see if metered propane is available in your area?

Call your local propane office or complete the form below!

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Is this new construction?
Are you the property owner?
Stop paying too much for gas! In today’s world, we buy many needed items at a bulk price so that we can save money and play less. Ever wonder why this isn’t the case with propane? That’s all about to change with Florida Public Utilities’ newest program.

Take charge of your tank and you can name your price! With Florida Public Utilities new Name Your Price program, it’s easy to save money.

Name Your Price at a glance:

• Monitor Your Own Truck
Set up specific delivery periods to ensure big savings.

• Save 20-30 Cents Per Gallon

For additional information, contact your local FPU office, or download our printable brochure below:

Name Your Price Brochure

It’s easy to start saving with the Florida Public Utilities Smart Club. Your Smart Club benefits begin immediately.

The Lowest Residential Price

Smart Club is a program that allows you to cut your propane costs. It’s designed for customers that use propane for hot water, fireplace, generators and pool heaters. Smart Club membership ensures that you’ll pay Florida Public Utilities lowest residential price for all of your propane needs for the entire year.

Smart Club at a glance:

• Price Security
Pay the lowest price for your propane!

• Automatic Delivery
Regular scheduled delivery, whether you remember or not!

• Unrivaled Customer Service
Just as you expect from Florida Public Utilities!

For additional information, contact your local FPU office, or download our printable brochure below:

Smart Club Brochure

Never Go Empty Again!
Backed by Florida Public Utilities’ Quality Service Commitment.

TankWatch, Florida Public Utilities’ remote tank monitoring system, constantly monitors the level of gas in a propane tank. When it’s time for a fill, the receiver automatically notifies your local Florida Public Utilities office and schedules a delivery.

• Avoid running out of propane
• Enjoy greater peace-of-mind with constant monitoring and instant refill updates sent to Florida Public Utilities
• No maintenance, or scheduling of deliveries, required.
• Ideal for second homes
• Durable, weather-proof and worry-free

TankWatch Pricing

A one-time cost of $100 for installation and a $10 per month monitoring fee billed semi-annually or annually after initial payment in advance for monitoring. A $100 termination fee applies.

Quality Service Commitment

Should Florida Public Utilities allow a monitored tank to run out of fuel, we will provide residential customers a credit of $50 toward future fuel purchases. Tampering with the monitor could result in a runout that would not be covered by Florida Public Utilities’ Quality Service Commitment.

Take advantage of TankWatch and get the ultimate peace-of-mind delivered. To sign up for TankWatch or receive more information, please call your local propane office or submit the TankWatch application below to get started.

Required for customers with propane pool heaters. Other restrictions may apply. Please note, some areas may not qualify for TankWatch.

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